Our Programs

Our programs were created based on the main criteria of fulfilling the basic necessities of patients during the treatment period, and is also based on the personal experience of Mama Taufan.

In implementing and developing our programs, we do not discriminate volunteers, donors and patients based on their race and religion. We also continuously try to collaborate with many different organizations and communities that have a similar concern toward the conditions of the patients we work with.

Core Programs


Relawan_Donatur_Yayasan_Komunitas_Taufan_SupportVisi_Pasien_Kanker_Tumor_Penyakit_Beresiko_Tinggi_dan_Keluarga_dgn_Semangat_Donasi_Sumbangan_Kebutuhan_Dasar_logoRoutine visit to the hospital, twice a week, to see old and new patients, to provide moral support, share some experience and give material/financial support from our donors.


Relawan_Donatur_Yayasan_Komunitas_Taufan_Mendampingi_Pasien_Kanker_Tumor_Penyakit_Beresiko_Tinggi_dan_Keluarga_dgn_Semangat_Donasi_Sumbangan_Kebutuhan_Dasar_31Visit to the home of outpatients who can undergo treatment for more than one year. With donors and volunteers, we hope to provide some moral boost and give some material/financial support.

#BangsalVisit (ward visit)

Relawan_Donatur_Yayasan_Komunitas_Taufan_Mendampingi_Pasien_Kanker_Tumor_Penyakit_Beresiko_Tinggi_dan_Keluarga_dgn_Semangat_Donasi_Sumbangan_Kebutuhan_Dasar_102Visit child patients and their families in the children ward. With volunteers, we tell stories, play together and share some laughters.

Ad-Hoc Programs


Relawan_Donatur_Yayasan_Komunitas_Taufan_Mendampingi_Pasien_Kanker_Tumor_Penyakit_Beresiko_Tinggi_dan_Keluarga_dgn_Semangat_Donasi_Sumbangan_Kebutuhan_Dasar_95We facilitate donors who wish to entertain patients and their parents to briefly ‘escape’ the hospital/treatment environment. Patients and their parents can be ‘free’ for a while and have (much needed) fun time together with volunteers. e.g. movie cinema trip, cooking workshop and trip to Kidzania.

#SantunanPasienMandiri (#IndependentPatientFund)

Relawan_Donatur_Yayasan_Komunitas_Taufan_Mendampingi_Pasien_Kanker_Tumor_Penyakit_Beresiko_Tinggi_dan_Keluarga_dgn_Semangat_Donasi_Sumbangan_Kebutuhan_Dasar_112Many of the patients we work with come from the lower part of economic-ladder. Construction worker, fishermen, motorcycle taxi driver, etc. When their child fell ill, both parents will spend a lot of their energy, time and money to care for the child. We provide small amount of capital to start a micro-business that can be managed while attending to their child’s treatment.

#KamuBisa (#YouCan)

Relawan_Donatur_Yayasan_Komunitas_Taufan_Mendampingi_Pasien_Kanker_Tumor_Penyakit_Beresiko_Tinggi_dan_Keluarga_dgn_Semangat_Donasi_Sumbangan_Kebutuhan_Dasar_27Through social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Path), we rally moral support from volunteers to give patients a moral boost in undergoing the most difficult parts of treatment. This program started in November 2014 with #PuputKamuBisa (#PuputYouCan), and followed by #NandaKamuBisa (#NandaYouCan) on March 2015.


charity_art_festival_komunitas_taufan_15_Februari_2015In collaboration with partners from art communities, we organized this event to commemorate the International Day of Childhood Cancer on February 15, 2015. Entertaining patients and their parents, educating the public about the importance of early detection of cancer, and having fun through creating art while at the same time fundraise for our programs. We plan to organize this event each year. More info at

#PeduliKankerAnak (#CareForChildhoodCancer)

Hand_in_Hand_Peduli_Kanker_Anak_Yayasan_Komunitas_Taufan_P_20150222_083820_HDR_1024pxTo educate the general public on the importance of early detection and treatment of childhood cancer, we organized a public campaign during Car Free Day in downtown Jakarta (Sudirman-Thamrin). With volunteers, we also invite the by-passers to provide moral and financial support for the child patients we work with. More info ยป


11885659_433666710153611_2296226825978315090_oSome of the patients we work with require ongoing financial support due to the special condition of their illness. For example, they may need continuous supply of a certain type of formula milk. For them, we do special fundraising campaigns through social media. e.g. #Care4Rahma and #Care4Abian.