Mama Taufan

Yeni Dewi Mulyaningsih, or Bu Yanie, was born on March 5, 1977. In the hospital, patients and doctors knows her better as Mama Taufan.

On December 16, 2013, Mama Taufan decided to start Komunitas Taufan, with the support of volunteers from Count Me In. The name ‘Taufan’ is taken from her son’s name who passed away after two years of battling a type of blood cancer, AML Leukemia.

Mama Taufan routinely visited the children ward and shared her knowledge with other parents on going through the long journey of treatment. Her two years of experience caring for a child with cancer, close relationships with doctors and foundations, and support from media who knew about and supported what she did, becomes her starting point in helping other parents. Giving is not necessarily synonymous with financial or material donation. Her knowledge and experience provides hope and solution for the parents. From the administrative process to obtain government insurance (BPJS), to information on getting support from the many foundations and institutions supporting families of children with cancer and high-risk illnesses.

With the support of volunteers and donors who share similar vision, Mama Taufan kept on going, braving herself to go ever forward. Educating more patients, recruiting the help of more friends to take part, and informing more people about dealing with high-risk illnesses… ligthing the path, opening up horizons, and above all, reminding that there is always hope.

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